I begin your mediation by meeting with each of you separately for individual sessions so that you can speak comfortably about your situation and I can get to know you, your goals, and the nature of your conflict or relationship transition.  It is also a chance for you to ask questions and learn about how we will work together. 

After the individual sessions, I meet with everyone together for joint sessions for as many sessions as you determine is beneficial.  I do not ask for a retainer, and I will work with you to craft a plan that makes sense for your situation, time line and finances.  If needed, I am happy to offer a sliding scale.

If you need an agreement, interim agreement or legal contract drafted during your mediation process, I am able to assist with that as well. I have particular experience with separation, divorce, co-parenting arrangements, post-divorce conversations and other family matters where you both want what is happiest and healthiest for everyone and need support to make that happen.

Restorative Justice & Circle

Where there is a significant difference in institutional power, or when there has been violence, assault, abuse, abuse of power, and/or a pattern of moral harm, mediation is not appropriate.

For families, groups, organizations, and communities where this kind of harm has occurred: I can work jointly with other Restorative Justice practitioners and you to design and carry out an appropriate restorative process in order to support accountability, trust, healing and repair.

In this context, my primary way of working is in Circle. My partner in this work, Rox Etheridge, and I, seek to be in service to the medicine of Circle within ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. We strive to hold spaces where it is possible to compost our shared trauma, grief, shame, anger and hurt into personal and social healing.